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Life and Beth on Hulu 

On this project, the approach we decided to go is to communicate with our fans with a touch of comedic relief. It's fun, uplifting, and acknowledges trauma and adversity. Our voice is more modern and youthful that speaks strongly to Millennials and Gen X. 

More copy examples: 


Very excited for this! It's been a shitty pandemic and looking forward to good TV has gotten me through a lot... Good tv and wine.

Response: Did we just become best friends?


Judy Justice 

Judge Judy's voice is no nonsense and always lays down the law. I combine Judyisms with court lingo. Judy is straight to the point and puts up with no baloney.


More copy examples: 


She's back and hungry for justice ⚖.


Don't pee on her leg and tell her it's raining!


She's the boss, applesauce! 


You don't ask her questions, you answer hers! 



The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

It is Midge against the world. Our tone of voice for our copy is very witty and inspiring. There is a more feminist and daring tone while incorporating Gen Z/Millennial friendly lingo and trends. I also included inspiration from 1950/1960s comedy. 

More copy examples: 

She is out for her pound of flesh! 


As long as it all fits in the trailer! 

Tits up! 


Craving Courtney's

This pop up restaurant/private chef has a very wild and silly personality so she let me have some fun with the copy and responses. The copy is very sensual, fun, sexy, and not afraid to push the boundaries.


More copy examples: 


Just have a little taste 👅 

Don’t just stop at the tip.. prepare for your evening with a romantic night in with your partner🤎

Let me taste your taco 🌮

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