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Fashion + Beauty

In the fast-paced realms of fashion and beauty, we've partnered with leading brands, designers, and influencers to curate captivating campaigns and elevate their presence in the market. Our expertise extends from runway events to social media strategies, ensuring our clients stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of style and glamour.


In the dynamic world of entertainment, we've collaborated with a diverse array of talents, including music artists, actresses, TV shows, and trending influencers. Our experience spans across various facets of the industry.



We specialize in managing social media accounts for clients in the wedding industry, crafting engaging content and building meaningful connections with their audience. By understanding their unique brand identity and target market, we develop customized social media marketing plans that highlight their services, showcase their expertise, and attract couples seeking their dream wedding experience.

Food + Beverage 

In the vibrant realm of food and beverage, we've collaborated with chefs, restaurants, and boba shops to craft compelling narratives and engage audiences through tantalizing content. From innovative culinary experiences to strategic marketing campaigns, we leverage our expertise to showcase the unique flavors and stories behind every dish and drink.

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